Ed Storrs - 2004-02-13 08:46:57
Dear Jeff, Monica, Gabrielle, Nina, and Jasmine, Am praying for you, and have shared Jasmine's need with my church family - who are upholding you all in prayer. John 14:27 Ed Storrs
Char Brucker - 2004-02-13 10:35:24
We continue to pray for all of you. Hopefully our prayers are giving you strength to get through these very difficult times. Gabrielle, I miss you as does all your classmates. Here's a big hug for you! Love, Mrs. Brucker
Marcy - 2004-02-13 14:18:50
Love and comfort to you all. We've never stopped praying for you, and we never will. Arthur sends a big hug to Gabby and a soft-so-it-doesn't-hurt one to Jasmine.

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