greenwitch - 2004-05-24 13:35:57
Well put. We live in a very narrowminded world where either you are on a judeo-christian path or you are athiest. This type of thinking leaves an aweful lot of people unaccounted for and judged without having a chance to speak for themselves. Pagans are most likely the least understood of spiritual people and no wonder given the sterotypes. Thank you for speaking so clearly our position.
Jess Esq. - 2004-05-24 18:23:33
I enjoyed reading your list and I thought today's entry was very well said.
Rowan - 2004-05-24 21:58:29
Good explanation.
hissandtell - 2004-05-24 22:48:38
Fabulous stuff. I do love your writing and your philosophy. (And I love Joseph Campbell, too.) Love, R xxx
Robbin - 2004-05-26 17:20:22
Great entry! I would have never thought to compare the eccentrics of the two religions. Very good point! You will make a great priestess someday if that is the path you choose to travel. There is truly a teacher inside of you.

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