Fuzzmom - 2004-10-06 16:38:26
I think you can reconcile it by knowing that you're doing those things for yourself, because YOU think it looks nice, rather than for a man or in order to fit in with society's feminine ideal. I like girly stuff too.
Cedar - 2004-10-06 16:53:34
Ooooh dye, cut, eyebrow wax! I can't wait to see your beautifully pampered self! I'm also a feminist who cares about my appearance--for me (ditto Fuzzmom). I'm not sure "feminist aesthete" is a total oxymoron. Feminism is about opportunity to be true to our selves, and a nice hair cut is in line with this, in my opinion. It's the ladies getting boob jobs who do the rest of us a disservice, not the funky girls dyeing their hair!
Amber - 2004-10-06 17:55:29
Good for you. What color did you get?
purple chai - 2004-10-06 19:35:51
The thing about feminism is that it's supposed to be about being who you want to be and not who society wants you to be. Although 60s feminists may have given the impression that they thought it was wrong to be girly, I hope that we're past that by now. I want my daughters to be whoever they are. I got one girly and one more like me. Both perfectly fine with this 60s feminist mom.
greenwitch - 2004-10-06 20:12:03
Feminism is not about being butch or girly. It is about not being a victim of the patriarchal standards that leave women looking like barbie dolls and wearing high heels so they can't run away when the guy they went to the movies with decides it is time for a little date rape. It is also about making the same amount of money for the same work regarless of your gender. Oh and don't forget eliminating the glass ceiling. (Shall we get into being in control of our wombs, or have I said enough?) You deserve to take a little time to relax and if you find having your hair and brows done relaxing go with it. Enjoy!
cat - 2004-10-06 21:12:35
I consider myself a feminist and I've been plucking my eyebrows and "playing" with make-up since my early teens. It never occurred to me that one might be antithetic to the other. I guess I just don't pay attention to the "rules" prescribed by either and do my own thing. It works pretty well actually. :-) Oh, and I completely understand the "stage fright" and paralysis caused by praise...perhaps you've noticed my lack of updates recently? Yeah...that would be my reason too. :-\ I guess I'm worried about not "living up" to all the compliments that have been lavished upon me of late. I hate it when that happens.
LA - 2004-10-06 21:24:31
Wow, have I agonized over this! Add in the Mother Who Relentlessly Groomed and How I will NEVER be like HER...whoo baby. Took me years to stop feeling guilty about mascara. It took decades before I accepted that one isn't anti the other, so now I am my true self, a fashionista feminist! Who just happens to be an apprentice plumber. With lip gloss on her tool belt, ~LA
Robin - 2004-10-07 13:26:19
Oh, yeah. totally. the whole leg-shaving, eyebrowplucking thing in this society. hair phobia. I go back and forth with it. also I LIKE hair color (weird colors tho) and makeup, and sometimes I think I confuse people. But also just kinda look at it all as an extension of sacred costuming, and it works (grin) I LOOOOVE spas and I LOOOOVE pampering.
Angela - 2004-10-07 14:07:44
I struggle also. I love getting my eyebrows waxed, and getting pedicures, and yet I claim to be a femisit. I am also irked by females who spend hours and hours on their looks. I swear if God has a sense of humor he will make Gabrielle a girly girl. The way I reconcile with myself is that I do these beauty rituals to make me happy and not others. Also as long as Gabrielle is girly girl for herself and not for others it is fine with me.
nygypsy - 2004-10-08 23:01:45
I have to agree with the whole concept of "you doing it for you" still leaves you safe within your standards. There's nothing wrong with taking out time for you and quite frankly I can't wait to see it!

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