LR - 2004-11-19 18:25:58
I learned PC's in college (had to write looong papers). I'd use the "media lab" they were called back in those days in these parts. When I started working at QP, in the art dept., they used macs but I (literally) was on the drawing board. Six months later, I switched positions and had to learn mac stuff. It was a shock. I'm a mac Freak now. I know very little I'd say but I'm sitting here w/ my old iMac (4yo), Ruby, my new baby iBook, Blanche, my new G5 (steel towered) at work, Myrtle, and my brand newe 20G iPod...yet to be named. I love this shit. Enjoy yours!!! Oh, this is 8 years of Mac World for me now : )
Jere - 2004-11-19 18:52:49
you know, you are now the proud owner of a unix machine... unix is very kewl... so open up the hood when you get a chance.. love ya,
Cedar - 2004-11-20 09:40:07
Ooooh I'm so jealous! The problem for me is that too much of the software I use for work is only available for Windows. And I love the bumperstickers too--great additions!!

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