MarshAster - 2005-01-17 12:16:27
I don't know what you are going through, why you are buried, but if there is a way I can help.... It has been a wild journey and I have grown so much over the four year. Thank you for your authentic risk-taking. I deeply admire you.
elgan - 2005-01-17 12:17:21
Congratulations on your personal growth. Youíve been through a tremendous amount recently, and you seem to be handling everything incredibly well. You are lucky to have a community of like-minded spiritual individuals to lean on, as well as the diaryland forum where you can open up to us, your invisible readers. Iím proud of you.
Ro - 2005-01-17 13:56:44
If you ever need a sounding board, or something that I can offer, even if it's *just* a hug, I am here for you. No matter what. Hold onto that center, Mo- it is an increasingly beautiful and strong place that you have created.
Mom - 2005-01-17 19:24:19
I Love You with all my heart. Love Always, Mom
Marcy - 2005-01-17 20:22:27
::HUGS:: I haven't really had a chance to touch base with you since we arrived, what with everyone being sick and all, but we should get together soon, so I can give you some of those hugs in person!
hissandtell - 2005-01-17 22:25:31
Your poem is perfect; your words are always so strong and so moving. You are incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful support network to both lean on and inspire in return. Thank you for letting me glimpse into your journey. Love, R xxx
Jess - 2005-01-18 13:00:55
Wow. The journey you've been on during these past four years sounds terrifying, exciting, heart-wrenching and inspriring all at once. And your poem is starkly beautiful -- I admire you for being able to put your journey into words. That's something I have difficulty with at times. I'm in town practically every weekend -- name your Saturday and I'll be there for that cup of low-cal goodness! :)
nygypsy - 2005-01-18 13:59:08
Sighing a deep sigh of relief to see you back in writing. :)
Mollydog - 2005-01-18 20:46:13
Wow. You have had quite a journey. I am always amazed at your spirituality. I have turned into a regular reader. Thanks for inspiring with your diary and your poetry.

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