Tracy - 2005-02-07 10:52:23
What a beautiful dream! And I think your idea to do the things she loves on the anniversary is a beautiful, lovely one.
kirsten - 2005-02-07 11:46:05
After my Mum died, I dreamed about her often. The dreams themselves were unexceptional - just our family hanging out, but with Mum there in amongst us, chatting and bringing her usual calm, reassuring presence. (In the initial months after she died, she would always show up in these dreams wearing the same pink bathrobe she'd worn at the hospice!). I knew it was impossible for Mum to be alive again - even as I was talking to her in my dream - but at the same time it seemed completely normal. And I didn't want to question it too much, because it was so good to have her back. The dreams happen less now, but whenever they do, I wake up feeling comforted and happy to have heard the sound of her voice again. It's a small, unexpected gift and I am always thankful for it. Much love to you on Jasmine's anniversary.
LA - 2005-02-07 14:55:04
Your plans sound wonderful. So cool that Jasmine came by to see you. Your powerful love is a beacon. ~LA
cindy - 2005-02-07 16:48:50
I believe that she was coming to you to let you know that she is okay. I would celebrate with pictures and stories and make a tradition out of it especially so Nina can know her as you do.
purple chai - 2005-02-07 16:52:07
Those kind of dreams are the best ever. The best way to spend the day is the way that feels right to you.
naz - 2005-02-07 20:11:24
Maybe the dream is her way of trying to help you get through it all..? sorry, not very good at this... just maybe cause you two had such a strong bond, that's why...
Willow - 2005-02-07 23:11:12
I'm so glad the two of you could hang out in Dreamland... :)
Mom - 2005-02-08 00:21:10
I'am thinking of all of you and wishing like hell we could go back a year. But I guess that would only be wishful thinking. I miss her her to so much. My love to all of you, Mom
Marcy - 2005-02-08 11:16:20
::HUGS:: I think that sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day, and I'm glad you got to hold Jasmine again for a little while, even if it was only(?) a dream.
nygypsy - 2005-02-08 22:54:17
I cannot tell you how much relief this entry gives me. I have worried about this endlessly and didn't know how to approach the subject. I believe you have found a wonderful approach that will combine the love your family shares for one another. Know that you are in my mind and in my heart.
mandie - 2005-02-09 10:36:00
((((((((((monica, jeff, gab, nina, and jazzz))))))))))

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