Dave - 2005-02-11 10:13:29
You are doing this because you can see the end result and you know that you will be SO much better off! I personally thing it's GREAT that you have been keeping up with going to the gym. Most people join and then stop after a month or so. Keep up the great work!
Marcy - 2005-02-11 11:07:31
Nah...she's doing it because she's a masochist. ;) Keep up the good work, Mon!
naz - 2005-02-11 19:44:11
why *are* you doing this?? I usually pet people in pain, but you're older than me, so that'd be awkward^ ^;; So take about.... 5? painkillers & sleep. ^ ^;;
LA - 2005-02-11 19:54:26
Bravo! Gosh, your work-outs sound inspiring. Tiring, but inspiring nonetheless. Proud of you. ~LA
Heather - 2005-02-11 20:35:56
Because it's hard work to get healthy and we didn't get unhealthy overnight. It sounds like the dancing is something you love, but I worry that c-rap teeny-bopper is going to rake on you after a while, as will the silver sneaker set. I really LOVED Naturally Women when I lived in AZ. They might be worth a look.
dotbar - 2005-02-11 22:57:19
Are you kidding? How the heck do you actually drop weight at 1800 calories...oh man, I NEVER lose any weight and I eat about 1800 calories a day. This is a very sad day for me! I must have to drop back to about 17 calories a day to drop pounds. Anyways, good for you!
James - 2005-02-12 06:46:28
You're doing it because you know that you feel better after doing it than after not doing it. You do it because if nothing else, YOU can still be accountable to YOU. You do it because you have set a path in front of you, and the destination is something you're interested in. You're doing it because in some maybe small, subtle ways, it brings you closer to the person you see yourself as - or want to see yourself as. This is my first visit here, and I read the whole entry. I am proud of you and I don't even know you. Keep it up. =)
Alison - 2005-02-12 07:19:51
Keep up the wonderful work, most people quit and wish they hadn't. ;)
nygypsy - 2005-02-12 15:15:30
Who cares why you are doing it... you are doing it and it sounds like you feel good (sore but good). I am happy for you! Keep up the good work.
Mary in the Midwest - 2005-02-13 09:55:01
I know how you feel. I am taking dance lessons and Tae Kwon Do, having lost 70 out of the 83 pounds I've been working on. I really need to tone up! I call one of the instructors at Tae Kwon Do "Freight Train" because he makes me feel like I've been run over by one, but it's all worth it. I've been working on doing real straight-legged push-ups, and I'm getting some pretty nice biceps already. Keep up the hard work, and let the results keep you motivated. You'll be turning heads and kicking butts in no time!
frstlymil - 2005-02-14 02:21:57
Way to go - it sounds like boot camp class, but with lousy "music." Belly dancing sounds absolutely great - I've got a couple friends doing that and they're addicted. I may have to look more into this!
creda - 2005-02-14 10:42:24
I just feel very proud of you for doing all of this, and for sharing it with us! Maybe that sounds really silly--but you're my friend and you're inspiring pride. Awesome!!!! Keep it up!

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