Sarah - 2005-02-22 23:10:56
Darling... this is YOURS. write what you're thinking, and if anyone has a problem with it... well, they're invading your privacy and it isn't their place to barge in on it. xox Sarah
Junebugg - 2005-02-23 02:23:28
This is your space. If someone doesn't like the way you write/think, then they can go somewhere else. It only takes a click of the mouse. Say what you want and hold your head up proudly.
LR - 2005-02-23 08:21:31
My other diary had to be locked for some time. I had a bit of a "stalker" --not so scary but too meddling and EVER-CONSTANT. I don't know you, so I figure you can read this and toss it. I say a *diary* is a *diary.* Just because it's online doesn't mean it's okay for people (esp.) who know you to give you crap about it. Have you any interest in going to the people you know and asking them to not read it? It would certainly be an exercise on their part, in honesty. You have more than one "place," no? Keep one public and one for "you?" Just thinking....
Ro - 2005-02-23 09:52:07
I really appreciate how you can take your thoughts (which are so like my own, but less muddled) and put them together in a way that is understandable. I agreed with you while reading this post so many times, and on so many levels. Just wanted you to know that I agree with you and support you.
mandie - 2005-02-23 11:14:12
I hear and appreciate your struggle and your willingness to engage that struggle long enough to find a solution that is comfortable and works for you. You know, I think that we all have thoughts that we think about people that we don't share with them. For me, it's partly because I know that's my own crap and there's nothing good that would come from sharing it. If I didn't know that before, I sure do now. Another part of that, for me, is just my brain. I think all sorts of convuluted thoughts that I would NEVER tell anyone, probably not even my therapist, because I know that they are just thoughts and nothing more...but sometimes it does do some good to release those thoughts somewhere. I tend to write vaguely, not as a message necessarily, but with an understanding that this is *my* crap and regarldess of who has sparked it in me, or helped it float to the surface of my thinking, it really has NOTHING to do with them, and everything to do with me. As long as I remember that, I'm good. Thanks for sharing your struggle with me. :0)
Marcy - 2005-02-23 12:07:26
I concur. It's your space, do with it what you want. I know that's sometimes easier said than done, but remember you created this blog for you, and the people who care about you who read it should understand that they are being given a unique privilege to get a glimpse into your mind through what you write here. If their own personal issues cause them to undervalue that gift, then that's too damn bad for them. IMNSHO.
FTS - 2005-02-23 12:19:35
What you have just stated is indeed the connundrum most bloggers deal with. Even writing under a nom de plume, I still know I have a handful of friends and/or acquaintances that I must keep in mind when writing. I agree totally that you should feel comfortable writing anything you would (or have) said to their face. However, I never mention names when I feel I must write about someone. Nice post.

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