cat - 2005-03-01 11:47:09
Hey, I love your rewards! Especially the massage, the sword and sheath, the new belly dancing costume, a makeover and the tatoo. Awesome things to do for yourself! Keep up the fantastic work. You're even inspiring me to keep up my meager efforts at walking every day...even though I'm not able to get very far...YET! :-D
LA - 2005-03-01 11:53:47
Rewards? Being nice to yourself? Honoring the work you did? Are you sure that's allowed? Wishing I was kidding, ~LA the idiot
Beth - 2005-03-01 11:59:30
Good for you! I'm losing a bit myself lately, and you've inspired me yet again. Rewards! What a great idea. I guess I'll have to work for that next tattoo.
creda - 2005-03-01 12:05:14
Great rewards!!!! Can't wait to see that new belly dance costume. I'm chomping at the bit for one from Flying Skirts, but I have to get it in my budget first.
Steve - 2005-03-01 12:05:59
Two pounds a week is a lot, especially once you start losing a lot of weight. You might be more successful with one pound if things get tough. -Steve Games are for Children
Marcy - 2005-03-01 17:30:55
Congrats! That's awesome! Great rewards, rewards for losing weight generally involve food, which sort of defeats the purpose, heh.
c - 2005-03-01 21:33:58
OK. I get 'massage', 'new swimsuit', 'make over'. Cool. But SWORD & SHEATH? What, are you a trainee knight? One of the immortal punters from Highlander? A shogun assassin?
Me - 2005-03-01 21:46:56
LOL -- No, not an assassin or an immortal. Just someone who appreciates a good blade and is putting together a hot pirate outfit for next year's Ren Fest. ;-) If I maintain (or decrease) my weight until next February, I will get a very sweet pair of leather pants and hip boots to go with it.
Alan - 2005-03-02 03:09:27
Gawd! Congrats to you! I am always pondering to lose some weight myself, being food as the only vice I have, it gets hard! I think that reward system could really pay off... Wow... :)
Velvet - 2005-03-02 09:31:21
Congratulations. You are truly an inspiration to us women who have so many problems maintaining their weight. In my case I'm getting older and my metabolism is slowing down so I'm starting to gain too much. Reading your post gave me the boost I needed to put down my foot and make a plan. Keep it up. :)
LisaMarie - 2005-03-02 10:11:33
Rewarding yourself?! What a great idea!! I did that when I stopped smoking. It certainly worked! I don't know why I didn't think of it!!
Tricia - 2005-03-02 17:13:20
*(*(*hugs*)*)* I am so proud of you, that's awesome! :)
clare - 2005-03-03 09:31:17
Wonderful Idea...sounds like its working too. I may have to follow your lead..3 kids in 5 years does alot of damage to a body*feels old*

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