LR - 2005-03-11 14:02:07
cat - 2005-03-11 17:08:35
Good advice: breathe.
nu. - 2005-03-13 12:02:53
hey... we're in the same boat (i have a crit this Wednesday) so i'll repeat the mantra (w slight modification) with you... please send me little elves before Wednesday please send me little elves before Wednesday please send me little elves before Wednesday all the best !
Jessica - 2005-03-15 16:03:50
Good luck with your performance! I'm sure you'll be awesome. And here's my interview: 1) What has been the most valuable lesson life has taught you? That my perfectionistic tendencies get me in trouble. lol. I've learned the up sides and down sides to high standards, and I've also learned ways to look past them. I've accepted that it's my nature to look at things a certain way, but the lesson life has taught me is how to look past that framework and see things through other people's eyes. That my way is only the best way for me and that everyone else has their own set of standards that they live by. Just because I don't agree and may not choose to work with someone doesn't mean that I don't value their uniqueness and wonderfulness. I've also learned that just because I value someone's uniqueness and wonderfulness, I don't have to agree with them. So, tied to the high standards is a trust in my own spiritual authority and the acknowledgement that each person is their own authority. 2) If you had to work in a tradition other than Feri or Reclaiming, what would it be? I'm thinking Huna or Voudoun. The history, the stories, and the energy of both really appeal to me. I don't know if it it's cheating, since Feri contains elements of these traditions, and therefore Reclaiming does too. I really like how Huna and Voudoun accept the dark side of things and aren't always striving for what's light, right, and good. 3) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? London. It's my favorite city. There's the Thames, the Globe theater, lots of European culture, flair, and history without the language barrier. 4) Name three people who have influenced who you are today and how they did it. My grandma Esther - she was a fiery, passionate redhead who did exactly what she wanted to and tended to get what she wanted. She left home at 16 to go work in California, which was quite rebellious for women during her time. Grandma also had a soft, tender side and was easily hurt by those she loved. She bonded with me early on and was one of the few people growing up who believed in me and supported my ideas. She also knew how hard it was to be strong-willed and soft-hearted. She understood me and encouraged me to follow my dreams. Charlie - he introduced me to punk rock, skateboarding, MRR, and the entire music scene that influenced my life for many years. We were 14 when we met and I'd go over to his house to skate, listen to music, and play music. We were in our first band together. He taught me how to play bass guitar and how to ride a skateboard. We went to my first punk show together. From him, I learned how to be a vegetarian and how to silk-screen t-shirts. He showed me that people can put out records on their own label, i.e the DIY ethic. Later on, he introduced me to Tom, the big learning-experience relationship of my late teens, early 20's. He also taught me a lot about respect, by showing me just how controlling I could be. Even though we never managed to get together, I'll always love him. Andrew - he showed me that someone can indeed love me for who I am and that I am a lovable person. Prior to him, I felt like I was destined to be trampled upon by men, and was facing a lot of abandonment issues, but he's stuck with me through a lot and really raised my confidence level. Consequently, I have the courage to do many things I never could before. I know that I would never be able to have this level of success in my life if I had never met Andrew. 5) If you could travel to any time and place, where and when would it be? Why? I would travel to the British Isles before they were conquered by the Romans. I'd talk to the witches and the Druids and learn about the craft as it was practiced then. I'd also like to travel to when my maternal ancestors first came to this country, so I could know when they got here and where they came from.

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