she of too many queries... - 2005-03-17 23:53:34
Hehehe...well you see, it's not that I asked multiple questions. It's that each question had several layers or parts to them. :-D And I wanted the interview to be worthy of your time and attention...thank you so much for answering! I LOVED reading your answers; all things I wanted to know more about, but felt like a nosy busy-body by asking. Insightful and enlightening. *Hug*
Becky - 2005-03-18 06:37:35
You forgot my interview. :(
Mollydog - 2005-03-20 21:39:22
I enjoyed reading your answer about how you became interested in Witchcraft. I am a lifetime spirtitual seeker--currently Christian--but always developing my own take on beliefs. I like Christianity, but feel a deep respect and need to be close to nature as well as a strong need to be in touch with the feminine side of god, who I believe is neither male nor female.

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