Jenn - 2005-03-21 11:51:06
It's hard to believe that someone at a gym (who is bound to get all sweaty and is most likely wearing sweats) cared so much about an employee having wet hair. I never blow dry my hair and I used to go to all my jobs with wet hair!! Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my favorite movies, too. I love Charlie Kauffman. :)
LA - 2005-03-21 14:31:23
Okay, that's it. We are official soul mates. Chewy nutless brownies with a good crust are the ONLY brownies. // And what kind of whacked-out Republican lah-dee-dah place are you working in anyhow? Bleh. Be strong. ~LA
cat - 2005-03-21 16:07:16
Well, I think the Meme worked. It definitely got your blog going. :-D
radiogurl - 2005-03-22 01:49:13
Hmmm... Maybe *I* should get a job at a health club. God knows I could use the workout. Of course one look at me and most customers would run away. While that would be good exercise, it's probably not the best way to get their business....

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