sapphyr - 2005-03-28 11:35:05
There is NOTHING wrong with dreaming. More importantly, there is nothing wrong with recognising these dreams. It is hard to be a woman who wears SO many hats for others but what about ourselves? Our dreams allow us that. Don't ever feel the need to qualify that. In the short time since I have discovered your journal I have come to admire you and your entry about belly dancing inspired me. I have ALWAYS wanted to try it but I have been too chicken. Thanks for sharing the mendhi. It looks great! ~Sapphyr
LA - 2005-03-28 22:02:10
Baby hands! You have sweet, unlined, un-veiny, non-swollen knuckled baby hands. If I didn't adore you so much I'd be dead jealous. ~LA the Clawed Crone

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