LA - 2005-04-22 14:25:09
If she's tugging on her ear then maybe it's a simple ear infection. One $8.00 bottle of amoxycilin will fix her right up. Here's hoping! I don't know if AZ does this, but NY offers super inexpensive vaccinations to kids without insurance. Wolf's last round of shots cost us $13.00 ~LA
Marcy - 2005-04-22 17:08:01
They do offer cheap vaccinations...we just got a thing from Arthur's school about it (of course, I threw it away)...but I'm sure if you do a little research, you can find something. Hugs to Nina...hopefully it's nothing more serious than an ear infection, and even allergies are manageable, so don't despair! ::HUGS::
greenwitch - 2005-04-22 21:28:19
There are things you can do to help Nina get better while you work through you discomfort about the doctors. Have you considered herbs or homeopathics? Can you accept a fever realizing that it is how our bodies naturally fight infections? If Nina has allergies you can do things to help that too without getting into antihistimines and allergy shots that only, at best, mask the symptoms or, at worst, confuse the immune system. Immunizations can do similar things to the immune system by introducing too many enemies all at once until the immune system gets so cranked up it even attacks normal things. I am not preaching just offering alternatives that may give you an opportunity to relax a little bit while working through to what really works for you and your child. Good luck and green healing energy.
iceweasel - 2005-04-23 11:31:32
How about hugs for you? Yes, great, warm, comforting hugs for you! Nina may or may not have the same misgivings about doctors that you do, but she's not the one who needs to overcome so many memories and fears to make the appointment. You sound like the kind of woman who can overcome anything though, so I know you can do this. Add me to list of folk sending prayers/good thoughts/positive energy out there that it's nothing more than a spring cold or an ear infection. Oh, and great news about Jeff's job - that must be such a weight off your minds and hearts right now.

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