Tracy - 2005-05-04 12:37:35
Thank you so much.
creda - 2005-05-04 13:07:26
Oooh, I agree on the perfume and the cell phones. I soooo agree.
the hour - 2005-05-04 14:00:16
ugh perfume. i completely agree with you. i can't stand perfume. they actually give me a headache even if they aren't overly powerful. walk through the perfume department at the store? forget it. and if any one of those people actually spritz that junk toward me, they will be asking for it. now... a bath and some nice smelling lotion? wonderful. my nose is just too sensitive for that other stuff.
Jenn - 2005-05-04 20:00:34
Well said. I can't stand it when people talk on their cell phones in stores, either. Well, sometimes it's not too too bad but other times someone will stand in the aisle (blocking it completely) and just be gabbing on their phone, entirely oblivious to the rest of the world. Ugh. I feel your pain.
cat - 2005-05-05 02:21:58
Death to those to liberal with the atomizer! And to those who use cell phones at inappropriate places (ie, the gym or the FUCKING PUBLIC RESTROOM!!) :-)

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