Elgan - 2005-05-11 23:36:36
I have an account over at LJ, which I opened specifically so I could read a former Diarylander who has passed over to the dark side, if you will. I never update because I prefer Diaryland, but I will add you to my list if you leave me your name. I trust you aren’t “friends only”, are you?
Jess - 2005-05-12 02:09:44
I've been thinking of going over to LJ for some time now. I started an account today (MoonMelody) and I'll eventually get myself back over there to get things set up. By the way, huge congratulations to Jeff on the job. That's wonderful -- for both of you.
Jackie - 2005-05-12 08:04:40
I've had an account over at LJ, I just don't use it, I don't have any friends there or anything, but if you were to add me, I'd be checking it out. "Maricella" is my name over there. Thanks! =)
naz - 2005-05-12 19:49:57
you've... been... CHEATING?! *sobs* heh, I have one. Link tis on my Dland diary, but tisn't anything you haven't already read on the Dland thingamabobber. :p

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