Kat - 2005-05-14 13:08:35
I'm not sure what is wrong with your back, but I went through similar problems with my back. First I was told by doctors and other medical staff that it was strained back muscles (take a Robaxecet and relax), then it was a slightly slipped disk, there were a slew of incorrect diagnosis. Finally my family doctor sent me for an ultra-sound and we discovered it was actually gall stones and I need my gall bladder removed. That was a year ago and I've altered my diet (less fat, less dairy, etc) and I've been feeling much better now. It seems that gall stones are very often mis-diagnosed in women. Hope you feel better.
nygypsy - 2005-05-14 22:22:39
Back pain has to be one of the worst pains in my opinion so whine away deservingly. I hope the doctor is able to give you better news on Monday. Do you by chance hold your stress in your back as well and could that possibly be the reason for the relapse?

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