cat - 2005-06-21 15:48:44
It's very frightening, isn't it? I keep thinking: "There are too many of us with enough sense; we won't allow our country to be highjacked by fanatics." Then I wonder: "Is that what people thought when Hitler and Ayatollah Khomeni began their campaigns?" Personally, I am very frightened.
Sapphyr - 2005-06-21 23:23:49
UGH! When I think about the fact that our nation is being run by "The 700 Club" it sickens me. Literally, I find myself choking back vomit! What happened to the progressive, forward thinking nation that was admired the world over?! Now we are alienated from the rest of the world thanks to Tex and his playmates. I am not as afraid of a domestic threat as I am for Americans abroad, especially since bridges have been burned. I feel as if I am holding my breath every single day.
Holly - 2005-07-03 13:54:24
I find it rather ironic that this country was started by a rebellion against an out of control monarch named George (and a request for religious freedom - but only for those who agreed with them as religious persecution was alive and well in the colonies) and 200+ years later it is still the same issues vs another out of control monarch wannabe named George, still wanting to religious freedom only for those who follow the "fundie way". History loves Irony!

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