greenwitch - 2005-07-24 18:00:15
Well put answers that would make a nice introduction to the alternative approach called Wicca. Thanks for putting your thoughts out there.
iceweasel - 2005-07-24 21:27:13
That's a really nice piece of writing. Simple, clear and open, but not condescending or simplistic. I really like how you present your choices as right for you, as opposed to right for everyone. To me it seems obvious that there must be as many truths as there are people searching for truth, and it's so great to hear others express similar feelings. You're one of those folk who help reassure me that there are still plenty of good people in the world.
katerianen - 2005-07-25 07:07:21
You put that beautifully. Caroline Myss on her website ( has a list of 70 Archetypes and thier shadow side with detailed descriptions for each of them. She also give you an instructions on how to find out which ones make up your "support team", achetypical patterns wheel, casting a chart of origin,and then working with your charts. I have a question for you. Have you ever had any precognitive experiences and if so, how did you go about developing if further? This is not just deja vu, it's like being hit in the gut and instantly every fiber of your being just KNOWS.

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