elgan - 2005-08-09 12:00:45
Thanks for that link. It was very interesting. Dove is in fact targeting women like those in its ads to buy products, not the men who find those ads “disgusting”. We have those billboards on the autoroute going through Montreal, and I don’t find them offensive at all. Maybe the captions in French are more flattering, I don’t know. But I think it’s nice to see women in advertisements who actually look like real people. It might also have the added benefit of helping those women see themselves, realizing they should reduce somewhat, and then going for it. Men are pigs anyway.
Zuzu - 2005-08-09 12:38:56
I admit that I'm somewhat fat phobic. While I don't find the Dove ads offensive - I find pictures of large men distasteful and I equally find pictures of large women distasteful. It's unhealthy and the things that come to mind when I see images of fat men and women are things like "avarice" and "sloth" - it's not healthy. Obesity is not "good" or healthy. Anorexia is not "good" or healthy either. American woman and men, on average, are overweight. In the same way there is an increasing level of honesty about the health risks of smoking cigarettes, I think we shouldn't shy away about talking about health risks of obesity. With all that said, however, the six women featured in the Dove ads aren't obese and they are fairly beautiful. The older woman in the "gray or gorgeous" poll vote is drop dead stunning. I actually don't see that many older women who are THAT beautiful - and that's not to say that older women aren't attractive, but it is to say that that particular woman is pretty spectacular. - Zuzu
Jackie - 2005-08-09 13:30:48
Thanks for sharing that article, although it did ruffle my feathers...A LOT! And this is after watching most of Mo'Nique's show last night on Oxygen with the "fat" beauty pageant. And as I watching, thinking that most of those women were really attractive despite their weight, there had to be a bunch of assholes out there making fun of the whole thing.
Jackie - 2005-08-09 13:34:58
Nice! I hadn't seen the women in the ads but just checked it, THEY'RE "plump"?!? Hello. I don't think one of those women were any bigger than a size 10. Ridiculous. Let's find these reporters they wrote about in the article and pick them apart. I so doubt they are perfect looking human beings.
cat - 2005-08-10 14:15:57
It's attitudes like these that have led me to this conclusion: "Who knows what men 'want' and who really give a fuck? I'm going to be me. Whether or not I meet somebody to be involved with romantically is irrelevant. I'm going to spend my time focusing on doing things I enjoy, working for causes I believe in and being happy." The sense of entitlement the "critics" of these ads feel is disappointing, but not terribly surprising in this world of instant gratification. What I find truly sad is the fact that human beings are capable of so much more, yet so many choose to waste their lives and themselves on spiteful pettiness. Oh well, that's *their* choice.
Katerianen - 2005-08-11 11:51:21
I really don't find the ads offensive in any way. I know I sound like a spaz but, people come in all shapes, sizes, colors and sexes. ALL women are beautiful! Some more on the outside others more on the inside. There are a rare few who have it inside and out. Most men are to worried about what other men are thinking about them to live thier lives honestly anyway, an anorexic,bleached blond with fake nails and fake boobs is the equalivant of a big penis. I'ts the great unwashed, beer swilling, nut scratching, farting masses that wonder why thier wife/girlfriend really isn't that into sex anymore (since they themselves got fat and lazy) who make the most noise. Well, we can just get them another beer and let them go back to the ball game (they have short attention spans) so we don't have to listen to them.

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