cat - 2005-08-10 21:57:01
It's not so much "envy" as it is, admire...(and in some cases, due to my poor health, wish I had time for): how dedicated you are to your spiritual path and all the work you've done and continue to do; your natural talent as a writer; your accomplishments as a dancer (since I have the rythm of a wounded slug, I don't think I'd take a dance class -- even if I were healthy -- much less, dance at recitals/in public); I wish I knew how to knit (like you); and (okay, here comes envy), I think you're a great mom and I've never felt like I have the capacity to be a *decent* parent, let alone a great one. So yeah, smart aleck: there *are* definitely things I envy about you! :-)

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