Jackie - 2005-08-11 13:14:17
I'm so glad that my state has made kid's health care a priority and has medicaid programs for people in situations like their's.
MJ - 2005-08-11 13:17:38
"Supposedly" Arizona has the same thing. The problem is that there is a system for "approval" of certain procedures and services. For example, when Jasmine was alive, she was briefly on SSI. My extreme dissatisfaction with them was a large part of why I went to work for State Farm. While on SSI, we had to fight for EVERYTHING. The straw was when they wouldn't approve a thairapy vest for her -- something that was proven to be a more effective form of chest percussive therapy and is now used in many hospitals. Same goes for things like organ transplants. If we had been unfortunate enough to live in AZ when Jasmine needed her transplant and were still on SSI, we would have been in the same boat, even though we were on state medicaid. Arizona really sucks in this regard.
JeanC - 2005-08-11 14:42:09
That is just so WRONG!!! The people at those hopsitals who backed out should be ashamed of themselves and I hope the people in their communities let them know they did wrong. Hopsitals should save thelives of people before worrying about money, esp in of kids who need the treatment to live.

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