Katherine - 2005-06-09 12:05:49
What an amazing dream! To me, it sounds like Jasmine reaching out to you, through you, on this important anniversary. You're in my thoughts and heart, Jasmine too, at her birthday season. Peace.
cat - 2005-06-09 12:50:48
I agree with Katherine (in regards to your dream), especially after reading the preceding entry. It's very symbolic of the bond between a mother and child; and considering today is Jasmine's birthday, I have no doubt that she's reaching out to you today. Perhaps she did so in such a way because you *have* been thinking about the three days of labor and bringing her home. You kept your promise Monica: you did everything humanly possibly to see that she was loved, safe, happy and healthy; and Jasmine KNOWS that.
creda - 2005-06-09 15:10:28
Catching up after weeks away from home, will get to LJ today or tomorrow, but I wanted to just check in and say hi and ::hugs::
web - 2005-06-09 19:24:57
I've been dreaming of pregnancy a lot lately as well as of my father.
Marcy - 2005-06-09 19:49:27
What cat said. ::HUGS::
Sapphyr - 2005-06-09 22:15:34
WOW! That dream sounds so, so powerful. I am in awe. Thanks for sharing that moving experience.

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